We are glad to have up and running this new website for the church.  I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses it to further our mission of beholding and proclaiming the glory of God in the face of Jesus as revealed in the Bible.


Here are a few highlights of the website that you need to know about:

  • Blog: I will try to post things to this blog that I believe will be helpful for us as a church and those in our community, so check back regularly!
  • Contact Form: We are thankful that those who visit our website can now directly contact us through the site if they want to know more abut the church.
  • Sermons: Because our sermons are hosted on sermonaudio.com, those who visit the site can search for, stream, and download all the sermons.
  • Calendar: Check the calendar if you forget when something is scheduled for.
  • Announcements: Weekly announcements are under “Learn What’s Going on Now.”
  • Resources: Links, verse memory, Bible reading plan, and other resources are available.

Be sure to direct others to the site if they want to know more about what God is doing for His glory in this church!