As of December 1st we are changing the service times here at The Bible Church. It is our desire that this two month testing period will prove to enable us as a congregation to prioritize Christ together more and minister to one another in a more effective manner. Below is a listing of the times and a brief description of what takes place during those times.

If you are wanting to visit TBC  join us for any of these times! If you are trying to choose which to visit first we have found that the 10:45 am service is a very helpful way to become acquainted with our congregation and you are certainly welcome to stay with us for a light lunch after the service! 

Sunday Lord’s Table Worship Service—9:00 am

Each Sunday morning we observe the Lord’s Table and worship the Person and Work of our Savior Jesus Christ through a time of remembrance and then have another opportunity to respond to the Lord through the exposition of His Word. Currently we are in a series through the book of Genesis.

Sunday Morning Worship—10:45 am

We gather to sing, pray, read Scripture, and hear and respond to the consecutive exposition of a portion of God’s Word. Currently we are in a series through the Gospel of John.  This is a great service to come and get to know more about who we are at The Bible Church.

Fellowship/Food Hour-12:15 pm

This is a time that we seek to carry out the Lord’s command that we care for one-another. The setting of an informal light lunch is conducive to getting to know one another better, find out how to bear one another’s burdens in acts of love and prayer, and encourage one another to live our lives devoted to Christ.

Sunday School—1:15 pm

This is a time follows our fellowship/food hour after the morning worship service and is  for both our children and adults to be under the teaching of Scripture. The children are taught scripture, memorize verses, learn catechisms and learn a hymn. Currently, the series for the adult class is an exposition through 2 Corinthians. 

Wednesday Evening—7:00 pm

We set aside time on most Wednesday evenings for a short corporate Bible study and a focused time of prayer (see announcement page).

*All services have a nursery provided.