Recently we worked through Genesis 1 and 2 and took some time to deal with the debate about creation. Was the creation week literally seven 24 hour days or is Genesis 1 and 2 poetry and making a literary point about creation not the method and time-frame of creation?

Though many fellow Bible believing Christians are waffling on this issue, I am convinced that this is a major test in our culture to our fidelity to the authority and clarity of Scripture. The message that we dealt most with this issue was “The Bible’s Demand for Creation in 144 Hours.” 

I say all that to say this. One resource that was very helpful to me as I worked through this debate is the book Coming to Grips With Genesis . It is a collection of papers regarding creation from a literal young earth 7 day creation week position. Whether you would like to have more clarity on this issue or have never been exposed to the Biblical arguments for young earth creationism this is a very helpful treatment. It is scholarly and is probably something best read after reading other introductions to the debate.  But for this month only it is on sale for 2.99 through Itunes. 

If you are looking for a easier read but faithful discussion about this issue I would recommend Battle for the Beginning by John MacArthur.