Kids of LIGHT

Kids of LIGHT is The Bible Church’s very own learning program made up of 8 levels each child is able to work through according to their own pace!

Letter to the parents:

There are eight levels for each child to work through at their own pace. In order to complete each level, the child must say all their verses, all their catechisms, and books of the Bible. On the last sheet of each level, the teacher will fill in the boxes according to the points rewarded each week.

For weekly reading please see the schedule provided in the last section of the book. In order to complete their review verses and catechisms, they must say the verses and catechisms of the previous level they completed, in the order they appear on the sheets.

Please encourage your child to read their Bible and study the verses and catechisms for their level.  There will be exciting rewards given to the children for completion of each level, but the real reward would be to see them know Christ as their Savior and grow in their relationship with Him.

We are so glad that your child is part of Kids of Light and we are praying for the salvation and spiritual growth of each one.